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SIEVE 2.2 A demo version can be downloaded from the download section under the SIEVE tab.

Automated, label-free, semi-quantitative analysis of proteins, peptides, and metabolites based on comparisons of LC/MS and GC/MS data

Discovery of protein and metabolite biomarkers is an important step in understanding metabolic pathways and disease mechanisms, and in identifying potential drug and diagnostic targets. Label-free differential expression analysis has quickly proved useful as a fast, cost-efficient, and effective way to find putative biomarkers.

Thermo Scientific SIEVE software provides an easy-to-use automated solution for evaluating the large amounts of LC/MS and GC/MS data generated by label-free sample analyses. It effectively locates compounds with statistically significant abundance differences between sample populations. In addition to standard two-population differential analyses, SIEVETM software can perform trend analyses to locate compounds that vary with dosage, time, or other trend classifications. SIEVE is a statistically-rigorous data mining tool that has the power to compare hundreds of LC/MS data files at a time, but can also perform a simple comparison of two sample files.

SIEVE software helps identify putative biomarkers rapidly. It pre-filters complex data, greatly reducing the number of compounds that need to be evaluated and significantly decreasing time spent on identification. SEQUEST®, one of the most cited protein search algorithms, searches peptides against public or private databases to identify proteins. And the compound-rich, public-domain ChemSpiderTM database search application identifies metabolites in user-selected databases.

Combining SIEVE software with the unique analytical power of Thermo Scientific LC/MS and GC/MS instruments such as the LTQTM family, LTQ OrbitrapTM family, and ExactiveTM systems creates complete solutions for proteomics and metabolomics applications.

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