Version SIEVE 2.1

Added on:2014-10-15 12:59:34

Description/Changes from last version

Free Upgrade to SIEVE 2.1, Click here for instructions!

New Features in SIEVE 2.1workflow


  • Now compatible with Proteome Discoverer 1.4 search results
  • Expanded protein ratio calculations
  • Expanded DBLookup by including retention time windows



Small molecules:

  • Improved peak detection and peak integration algorithms.
  • Export SIEVE results for TraceFinder import
  • New FlexView for creating custom results table views
  • Expand DBLookup by including retention time and chemical formula.
  • Automatic selection of appropriate adduct database for negative or positive full scan analysis.
  • Various user interface enhancements.
  • Pathway mapping KEGG visualization of full experiment results (additional license is required see below)



Installation Instructions for Demo Software:

The SIEVE application requires a license. For this demo version use the following product key during installation.


Note: This license key does not activate the new KEGG Pathway feature.  Please click here to learn more about how to license this feature.  If this demo license key does not work during the installation, please cancel the license manager and continue installing the software.  The software will automatically install a 30 day trial license key.


Please install the software in the following order

1. Microsoft .NET framework 4 extended (if not already installed on your computer). Check for software by using control panel add/remove programs.

2. Thermo Fisher Scientific MSFileReader v2.2.6.2 (if not already installed on your computer). You MUST unzip the installer before running it on your computer. If you installing this on a 64 bit computer check both (32 and 64 system) if prompted during the installation process.

3. Previous versions of SIEVE are not required to install SIEVE 2.1.  Older versions of SIEVE can remain on the same computer with SIEVE 2.1 and it is recommend if the user would like to process data from older versions as it cannot be processed in SIEVE 2.1.

4. SIEVE 2.1. After the installation is complete two SIEVE icons will appear on your desktop, one for 32 and one 64 bit, use the appropriate application for your computer.


To obtain a new license key for SIEVE 2.1 please contact your local Thermo Fisher Scientific sales person.  This is the 32 and 64 bit demo version of SIEVE 2.1.  This installer can be used for installing on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems.  However it is strongly recommended that SIEVE be used on a Windows 7 64 bit computer for best performance.


Support documents:

Hardware/Software requirements

Minimum system requirements



· Dual core 2GHz processor with 8 GB RAM (or better)

· DVD-ROM drive

· Video card and monitor capable of 1280x1024 resolution (XGA)

· 500 GB or greater available disk storage with the NTFS format



Microsoft™ Windows™

· Windows 7 32/64 Professional (English version) with service pack 1

· Windows XP 32 Professional (English version) with service pack 1

· Microsoft .Net 4.0 (extended)


Recommended PC for better performance



· IntelCore i7 3930x @ 3.30 GHz processor (or equivalent) with 12 GB RAM

· DVD-ROM drive

· Video card and monitor capable of 1280 x 1024 resolution (XGA)

· 1 TB RAID Performance

· NTFS format



· Windows 7 64 bit Professional

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