Metabolomics Example SIEVE 2.0

Version Metabolomics Example SIEVE 2.0

Added on:2014-01-28 03:57:13

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A metabolomics example using the new small molecule workflow in SIEVE 2.0.

Metabolomics Example Files:

  • ZDF Lean rat serum extracts (n=3)
  • ZDFObese rat serum extracts (n=3)
  • Water blanks (n=3)

ESI Positive Ion full scan LC-MS

Q Exactive 70K resolution


  • Find the exact monoisotopic MW of components that are statistically significantly different between the Lean and Obese groups.
  • Determine putative ID’s by an exact mass/formula search of Human Metabolome DB using ChemSpider

Raw Files:

SIEVE Results:



Presentation with step by step instructions.

Watch the video tutorial as well.

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