Version SIEVE_2.2

Added on:2014-11-04 20:04:12

Description/Changes from last version

New features

• Improved scan filter selection:

- Detects lock mass usage automatically and uses appropriate scan filters.

- Detects and highlights common scan filters among all samples.

• Displays normalized peak intensities in separate columns.

• Adds a new graphical user feature (Build Filter) to simplify data filtering.

• Uses a new algorithm to calculate elemental composition results for Component Extraction, which makes use of

fine isotopic patterns and produces more accurate results.

• Support for Proteome Discoverer™ 2.0 file format:

- Can import Proteome Discoverer 2.0 result files

- Directly imports data with filter settings as defined in the Proteome Discoverer 2.0 application.

• Removed MSFileReader dependency


Enhanced features

• Improved Component Extraction results:

- Enhances adduct detection and isotope detection results.

- Can detect components where [M+H]+ or [M–H]– is not the most abundant adduct.

• Improved PPD peak detection

- PPD is now the default peak detection algorithm in the Component Extraction workflow.

- Second peak integration is set to None per default in the Component Extraction workflow.

• Improvements for memory usage and speed

• Improved KEGG™ Pathway database search results

• Improved PCA results and display


Downloading Software:

SIEVE 2.2 is now available using the new Flexera software distribution site. To register at the Flexera site please use the following link:

After setting up an account, you can access the site using the following link:

After logging in, choose the TMO-Prospect link, click the Product List link on the upper right, and click the link to Mass Spec, BioSoftware SW.




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